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Investment Philosophy

 At World Tree, we believe it is our responsibility to look at the world of investing through your eyes.  Our process is tailored to enhance your entire financial situation.  After fully understanding your complete financial picture, we construct a specific plan aimed at meeting your objectives.

Asset Allocation Tailored Especially for You: Our models are customizable asset allocation models offering broad diversification and professional management through carefully selected mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds and individual stocks.  We offer a variety of asset allocation models with objectives ranging from a concentration on growth potential to high relative current income opportunities to a focus on the conservative investor. 

Professional Management:  We use a specialized evaluation process to select funds industry-wide that we believe are the “best in class” to add and monitor funds in the program.  Using extensive research, hundreds of mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks are analyzed by:

Running in-depth statistical analysis to identify experienced portfolio managers.Evaluating a fund’s performance through market ups and downs.Examining industry and sector trends, investment styles and relative performance against a number of portfolio benchmarks.

 A Portfolio that Shifts with the Market:  We provide ongoing portfolio analysis and monitoring, replacing any funds that no longer meet its rigorous selection criteria and also rebalances your portfolio periodically to ensure your asset allocation stays on track. We will make short-term portfolio adjustments within asset classes to take advantage of compelling market opportunities based on our analysis.